Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The kids in Utah!!

These are some pictures I took of the kids while in Utah. I hope you enjoy reading and looking and all my posts. I caught you up on the goings on with me for the past few months. I am ready for some relaxing at the lake now!!! Enjoy!!!!

J.T.'s Birthday!! The Big 3

J.T's Birthday fell on Father's Day. Here is J.T., Dad, and Great Grandpa playing Hungry Hippo's. J.T. Loves that game!! He also had a Birthday party at E & O Bowling Alley. Other than Teegan, Kolter and J.T. he had a bunch of girls at his party!!! We really need some more boys around here!!! I Love J.T. so much. He has such a great personality. One day we were talking about something and he says to me " Grandma that is ridiculous!!" only J.T. Happy Birthday J.T.!

Ice Cream Truck - Morman Ln. Every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

There is really no explaining to this!!! These kids love their Ice creams and they all look forward to Tuesday when the Ice Cream truck comes. So funny to watch them eat it!! Didn't get pictures of all the kids, but most of them needed a good washing up!! Raya was so funny. Her and Teegan really had the ice cream everywhere! LOVE IT!

Logan's Baby blessing!!

Don't know how it happened, but we didn't get pictures of the baby blessing!!! It was kind of a hectic Sunday. I didn't even think to get pictures of the Braithwaite and Nicholls last minuet reunion. All the Braithwaites were in Utah and all the Nicholls Family so they came to the baby blessing. It was fun to get all the kids together and to see the Familes grow!! Need to remember the camera next time!! Loads of fun though!!!

Johnny's Graduation!!

There is really not much of a need to say much. Needless to say John and Zan are so excited to be done with school!! I am also excited that they like Humboldt County and they get to live in Mckinleyville!! I hope they get to stay!! I love the grandkids being close to grandma!!!

Jaxson's Tooth!

Picture it is about 11:30 p.m. and I am downstairs at Becky's and Becky and Chris had gone to bed to get sleep before baby wakes up. I am watching T.V. when I hear Jaxson call GRANDMA, I get up from the couch and go to the bottom of the stairs and Jaxson is at the top telling me his tooth is loose and he can't sleep! I thought I had heard him earlier in the evening but I wasn't sure what about. I asked him if he couldn't just go back to sleep and worry about the loose tooth in the morning. He kept telling me he couldn't. I hated to wake up the parents so I told him he could try to pull it! He tried and wasn't successful and wanted me to pull it. It was so loose that it didn't take much for it to come out. Well from there it went down hill . You know how pulled teeth bleed, or at least mixed with spit it looks like a lot. I told him to hold still I had better get the camera to take pics for mom and dad. We did that and just as I snapped 2 pictures, he droped the tooth down the drain, got upset at the blood and proceded to ralph his guts out for at least 20 min. needless to say dad had to get up with him!! What a disaster it turned out to be. I told him the tooth fairy would find his tooth down the drain and he would still get money for his tooth which helped some!!! What a night. I will never do that again! especially by the sink!
I haven't posted in forever, my computer wouldn't download my pic. for some reason so I am going to do some catching up! First I went for the birth of Becky's 4th baby. Logan as you can see is sooo cute! I stayed for a short time, as I had to fly to Sacramento for Johnny's graduation (post is coming) then I flew back to Utah to help Becky some more with the baby as this one was another C-Section. I got back and immediately got sick and was confined to the bedroom for 3 days. Fat lot of help I was! I think Becky and Chris were ready to ship me home. The baby is soo cute can't wait for them to come for most of the month of July. Hope they survive the trip out. Kelly and Becky and all the kids in one car!!! EXCITING FOR THEM!